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Celebrating the life of..Marian K. Callender

Memorial Service: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

12:00 Noon

Emmanuel Baptist Church

204 Turner Street

Thomasville, North Carolina


Marian Kate Alma Callender was born to Winston Smith and Leontine Callender on April 30, 1944 and she resided with her parents at Dash Valley, St. George, Barbados from a child until she immigrated to the USA in the mid 1970’s.

Marian was preceded in death by both parents Winston Smith and Leontine Callender, and a brother Clements St. Alburn Callender.

Marian enjoyed a good childhood where honesty, respect, dignity, kindness, fairness, caring, love Christian values and acceptance of responsibility prevailed. In those days 1940’s to 1970’s it was expected that children and young adults yield to the strict discipline enforced not only by parents but also by adults in the village, the school and the church.

Marian received a solid base education at St. Giles Girls School and Pine Primary School. After leaving school she had to seek employment at an early age. She developed a love for crafts and excelled in this line of work especially doing smocking and other creative pieces. However, she was deeply committed to her Christian beliefs and felt the need to work providing care to children and the elderly. She devoted most of her working life in the arena and gained tremendous satisfaction and fulfilment from her faithful service to her fellowmen. She was not married and had no children of her own, but she assisted family and friends financially and otherwise even with her limited resources.

Marian became a devout Adventist and in her own quiet, inimitable way won souls for Christ. Her life can be summed up to some extent in the exaltations in Psalm 19. She felt assured and confident of GOD’S LOVE AND BLESSING and strived diligently to gain faith in GOD’S LAWS so that she could fulfil His Will for her on her earthly Pilgrimage. She wanted the works of her mouth and the meditation of her heart to be acceptable in the sight of the Lord who she acknowledged as her strength and redeemer. Marian succeeded in the regard.

Marina moved to Thomasville, North Carolina in September 2014, and lived with her cousin Claudine Best. She attended and joined Emmanuel Baptist Church, where she served on the Missionary Ministry, there she enjoyed visiting the seniors centers, singing and praying with them. Marina song in the choir, even did solos. She truly enjoyed serving others. Marina will truly be missed by many.

Marian is survived by her brother Rendell Smith in Barbados, Angela and Frederick Forde, the Smith and Walters, aunts, uncles, a host of nephews and nieces, several cousins and many friends. In the USA, Cousins Claudine Best, David & Phyllis Callender, Jan Smith-Johnson and Brad Johnson, and a host of family and friends.

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